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Knee Replacement SurgeryLasting pain relief for a more mobile & satisfying life

Outpatient Knee Replacement with Minimal Downtime in Chapin, SC

Quick, effective, & affordable knee replacement surgery

As South Carolina’s leading provider of orthopedic care, we understand that joint replacement may not be everyone’s first choice. But with the modern technology and abundant resources at our outpatient Chapin Surgery Center, Palmetto Bone & Joint, makes surgery easier. In addition, you’ll notice a faster recovery that’s more effective and comfortable than ever before.

When non-surgical knee pain treatments aren’t enough, it’s time to consider a fast-healing and long-lasting surgical solution. At Palmetto Bone & Joint, we rely on the latest technologies to minimize recovery time and maximize mobility—both in the weeks after your procedure and for the rest of your years to come. Schedule your consultation today.

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Live Well & Stay Active Without
Pain or Limitations

When regenerative medicine, physical therapy, and injections fall short of solving your chronic knee pain, doctors say it might be time for a knee replacement. Knees are the largest joints in the human body and they play a vital role in nearly every task or activity we perform on a daily basis. At Palmetto Bone & Joint, we support our patients with knee replacements with comprehensive surgical care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation to boost recovery and minimize disruptions.

At Palmetto Bone & Joint, our outpatient Chapin Surgery Center, we’re able to spare patients the costs associated with hospital stays. Our robotic knee replacement surgery technology empowers our surgeons with increased precision for a quicker procedure and a faster recovery after the fact. You can enjoy life with full mobility again by scheduling your knee replacement consultation at Palmetto Bone & Joint today. Call (803) 941-8095 or contact us online!

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Knee Replacement Surgery FAQs

Our surgeons are highly skilled, but a little help from a robotic bone and joint assistant can drastically improve surgical outcomes. Contrary to its name, robotic surgery for knee replacements is a collaboration between a human surgeon and a robotic arm. This precise robotic arm eiter assists or completely takes over for human surgeons in several phases of your knee replacement procedure. When a doctor and a robot work together, they’re able to limit the risk of complications or follow-up procedures and drastically reduce your recovery time.

Recovery time varies from person to person but generally takes several weeks to a few months. Most patients can resume light activities within 3-6 weeks, while complete recovery may take up to 3-6 months.

Yes, physical therapy is a crucial part of any joint replacement program and your recovery process. It helps improve strength, flexibility, and mobility in the bones and joint of the replaced knee.

Your knee is durable and capable of handling shifting weight and heavy impacts. Replacements, therefore, are equally engineered to do the job. With metal components made of titanium or cobalt-chromium alloys combined with medical-grade plastics, your knee and joint replacement should last you upwards of 20 years. For most Palmetto Boneone and Joint patients, this will be the only knee replacement surgery they need. To learn more about our knee and joint replacement surgery, call Palmetto Bone & Joint today.

Your surgeon will provide pre-surgery instructions, which may include exercises, dietary restrictions, and medication adjustments. It’s essential to follow these guidelines to optimize your treatment and your outcome.

There is no strict age limit for knee replacement surgery. The decision is based on the patient’s overall health and the severity of their knee condition.

Kneeling can be uncomfortable for some patients. Discuss this with your surgeon, as it may depend on your specific case and the type of prosthesis used for your knee and joint replacements.

In most cases, knee replacement surgery is covered by health insurance, but you should check with your insurance provider to understand your specific coverage and any associated costs.

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Expert Orthopedic Surgeons Easing Joint Pain in South Carolina

Are you tired of living with chronic joint pain? Look no further than Palmetto Bone & Joint in South Carolina, your trusted team of orthopedic surgeons specializing in comprehensive care for bone and joint health. Our renowned joint replacement program is just one facet of our top-notch, orthopedic care services.

At Palmetto Bone & Joint, we make a concerted effort to provide you with the best possible treatment and outcomes. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a life filled with mobility and comfort. Choose Palmetto Bone & Joint for the expert care your bones and joints deserve!

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