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A patient in a wheelchair shakes an orthopedic doctor’s hand as he leaves the practice

Palmetto Bone & Joint – Keeping South Carolina Moving

We’ve all seen it happen to someone we love. A vibrant, active lifestyle is cut short by knee pain, hip pain, or a perennial sports injury. When pain is a factor, sitting down and staying down becomes the most reliable way to avoid discomfort. But South Carolina has a different option—Palmetto Bone & Joint

Since 1994, we’ve kept South Carolina moving at our three locations in Chapin, Clinton, and Newberry. We’ve also led the state in orthopedic innovations. Our very own Dr. James Loging performed South Carolina’s first anterior hip replacement in 2006, setting the standard for excellent patient care that we still follow today.

For nearly three decades (and counting) we’ve made a name for ourselves throughout the Midlands and Upstate by keeping patients active, happy, and pain-free. Here’s a small rundown of the ways we keep South Carolina moving.

Top Orthopedic Care in South Carolina – Palmetto Bone & Joint

Your joints are complex pieces of biological engineering, designed to absorb tremendous forces. Packed with nerve endings and both the hardest and softest tissues in the body, joints are often ground zero for complicated and painful ailments. 

At Palmetto Bone & Joint, we take a multimodal approach to joint health and recovery. If you’ve put up with pain for too long now, get the relief you deserve by calling us today at (864) 833-3046 or contacting us online.

Joint Pain

You don’t have to be a champion powerlifter or ultra-marathon runner to experience joint pain. Patients come to Palmetto Bone & Joint in nearly every decade of life, seeking relief from the aches that—in some cases—keep them up at night.

Several factors determine the best course of treatment for your joint pain. Where the pain occurs, when it occurs, how pronounced it is, and when you first noticed it could help us pin down the likely culprit and design a course of treatment. We divide our joint pain services by the joint groupings themselves:

When possible, we give the pain a name so that we can help you treat and understand it. Herniated discs and sciatica are common in neck, back, shoulder, and even leg pain, while osteoarthritis, MCL tears, and ACL tears are common in the knees. 

For hands and wrists, we most often see carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. And for weekend athletes, we’ve treated our fair share of tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, and golf elbow. 

From rotator cuffs to plantar fasciitis, all forms of joint pain are diagnosable, treatable, and surmountable with a little help from Palmetto Bone & Joint.

Sports Medicine & Sports Injuries

As spectators, we ask a lot of our athletes. They need to be physical, capable, and agile—leaping, catching, sprinting, and tackling whenever the game demands. 

As athletes, we’re motivated to stay at the top of our game while working harder each and every day to exceed our limitations. But in doing so, we may hurt ourselves in frightening ways. At Palmetto Bone & Joint, your sports injury is our utmost concern.

Treating Rotator Cuff Tears

To treat rotator cuff tears, we start by using an X-ray, MRI, or ultrasound to look inside your shoulder. Next, we’ll recommend the right treatment for your injury, including non-surgical options such as targeted injections. 

If non-surgical treatments fall short, we may explore arthroscopic surgery—an outpatient procedure requiring only small incisions and tiny instruments.

Treating Meniscus Tears

At Palmetto Bone & Joint, we use the latest technologies and techniques to treat meniscus tears. Our modern medical imaging and next-generation treatments can put you back in play ASAP.

We’ll start with a physical examination and the latest imaging technology to fully understand your injury. Next, we may recommend a course of rest and medicine or even targeted injections. If these methods aren’t enough, it may be time to consider arthroscopic meniscus surgery.

Treating ACL Tears

The anterior cruciate ligament plays a pivotal role in knee strength and athletic performance. After medical imaging, we can determine if you have a grade 1, 2, or 3 ACL sprain. 

Grade 1 sprains may resolve with rest and physical rehab, but grades 2 and 3 benefit from targeted injections and progressive physical therapy. For the most severe ACL tears, reconstruction surgery may be the best and longest-lasting form of relief.

Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery

We understand that the idea of surgery is uncomfortable to most patients. As such, it’s only natural to seek out the greatest care possible from facilities that have the most equipment and training on hand. That said, hospitals are expensive and may not always offer the specialized technology and techniques that you need to heal faster and better. 

Our outpatient Chapin Surgery Center offers another way forward. By using robotically assisted joint replacement technology, we create more precise results for our patients, minimizing recovery time and maximizing outcomes. Better still, we do all this at upwards of half the cost associated with a typical hospital stay. 

Learn more about our outpatient care and contact us today to schedule an appointment.


After your joint replacement surgery or other operations, we’ll recommend a course of rehabilitation that includes pain management, range of motion therapy, and coordination/balance exercises. We combine these insightful therapy techniques to encourage physical confidence and competency with the same daily activities that you know and enjoy. 

At Palmetto Bone & Joint, we’ve seen firsthand how recovery is about more than soft tissue healing or reduced swelling. Complete recovery includes the determination to move and live as you did before without apprehension. 

Keep Moving, South Carolina! Call Palmetto Bone & Joint Today!

It’s all too easy to let a sports injury or joint pain put you in a chair and keep you that way. But at Palmetto Bone & Joint, we know that life is richer and longer when we’re up and moving. For amateur athletes, professional athletes, and everyday people, we deliver the relief South Carolina demands.

Find a solution to your joint pain or sports injury by calling us today at (864) 833-3046 or contacting us online. Or schedule your hip replacement or knee replacement surgery at our Chapin Surgery Center, where you can recover faster and better without the typical hospital costs.

Stay Up, Stay Active, & Stay Pain-Free with Palmetto Bone & Joint

Proudly serving South Carolina at our three locations in Chapin, Clinton, and Newberry, Palmetto Bone & Joint has been a proud part of fitness and rich living for nearly 30 years! Learn more about our awarded physicians or find a location near you. For relief from joint pain or sports injuries today, give us a call at (864) 833-3046 or contact us online.

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