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An illustrated image of a hip with artificial replacement installed.

Hip Replacement Recovery: Tips & Timeline

Hip replacement is the ideal procedure for those suffering from high levels of hip pain or mobility issues. This surgical…

An image of a man in activewear rubbing his knee, which has the internal knee structure highlighted and glowing red.

Spring Cleaning Sports Injuries – Stop Neglecting Pain

Springtime isn’t just for cleaning out your home; it’s the perfect opportunity to address the sports injuries you’ve been putting…

A male doctor examines the knee of an older woman in an exam room.

Strong Footwear, Strong Feet: Optimize Health for Your Feet, Ankles, & Knees

Our feet carry us through life’s many adventures, especially during the vibrant spring and summer months. However, the joy of…

Are Knee Injections Right for Me?

Are Knee Injections Right for Me?

The fluid in your knee joints have a natural lubricant between the bones called hyaluronic acid. The lubricant acts as…

A woman sitting on an exam table while a doctor kneels and examines her ankle.

Meniscus Tear FAQs – Answering Your Questions

Meniscus tears are among the most common knee injuries, especially for athletes or those with active lifestyles. These injuries can…

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